Comments from musicians who play Sohn Stringed Instruments:

It must be very satisfying knowing the joy your work imparts to the owners of your instruments. I can’t put the thing down. It looks beautiful but oh, the sound! Everything about it is to my maximum satisfaction. The neck is incredible. I’ve had the good fortune to play many ” high end ” guitars, but not many of them sounded better than my new Sohn OOO-R. To my ears the volume and tonal qualities in all registers are stunning. All this sound coming from a OOO is amazing. Maybe a OO is in order? I’m gonna have to put this one down first. Thank you more than I can say Dave. Life is good when you own a Sohn!

Bob Gardali

When I ordered my mandolin, there was no question or concern on my part of how wonderful the instrument would sound or the quality of craftsmanship. All of David’s instruments are stunningly beautiful, but in making this investment it was important to me that my mandolin was unique and truly one of a kind aesthetically. I shared with David what I wanted and what I didn’t want and David shared with me what he would do and what he wouldn’t do…this session really spoke strongly to me of how committed David is to each instrument he makes and how he maintains his own personal values and standards to his art. This served to build my confidence in knowing that I would not be disappointed.

David and Jenn were extremely professional to deal with. They kept in close contact with me through out the building of my mandolin. They went the extra mile to work out the payment and financial details which ensured that the process never became a burden. This couple have such class and style and are such down to earth good people, that on May 9th, 2009 Jenn and David were in the neighborhood and delivered my new mandolin to me!

The expectations and vision I had of my new mandolin was exceeded. David was able to capture my vision of tradition and unique beyond what I was able to express. The sound rings rich, bright and mellow all at the same time…in every way this mandolin is a joy to play. I am very happy and privileged to have had David Sohn create my mandolin. David has encapsulated my love for music and translated it into this beautiful mandolin and amazing piece of art that is marked as a family heirloom.

Tracy Jones

It was my lucky day last March when I walked into a local music shop and found that someone had (crazily enough) traded in their beautiful Sohn A-Style mandolin. I spent about two hours playing it, and after deciding it was truly one of the nicest mandolins I’d ever held – I knew it had to be mine.

My Sohn mandolin has been a real dream. It has warmth and attack and subtlety all wrapped together in a gorgeous package. It records wonderfully, too! This instrument will no doubt be with me for years to come and on many more stages across the world. Cheers David, great work!

Matt Bryant

I bought my Sohn 12-fret Dreadnought guitar 2 years ago while I was at the B.C. Swing Camp in Sorrento where David was the camp luthier. David’s guitar is truly exceptional . . . and continues to surprise and please me every time I play it. The full-bodied bass, the rich mid-range and clear trebles of the Sohn guitar honestly make most other guitars I play sound thin and tinny by comparison. It is not surprising then that my beloved Gibsons languish in their cases while the Sohn has become my first choice guitar for my own pleasure or for performances with the band. Amidst the other instruments in the group: a dobro, a mandolin, a Gibson J-200, an electric upright bass and a cajon, my Sohn guitar does more than hold its own. It is equally comfortable playing rhythm or solo and sounds great whether we’re playing blues, swing, bossas or boleros. If I knew I were going to be stranded on a desert island with only one guitar . . . I’d take this lovely instrument made by David Sohn . . . and lots of extra strings.

Gary Nielsen

David’s attention to detail and craftsmanship are immediately evident when you see one of his instruments for the first time. Within minutes of picking up my Sohn guitar for the first time I knew that it was going to be the “one”. I can’t seem to put it down when I start to play and when I’m not playing it I’m thinking about playing it. My poor old Martin is now languishing in it’s case and the Sohn is my main guitar. I love it! I’m proud to endorse Dave’s instruments and spread the word about them.

Blu Hopkins

I recently purchased my custom Sohn F5 mandolin and have to say it is an excellent instrument in all aspects of tone, workmanship, materials and playability. The greatest attention to detail has gone into this instrument with master grade materials throughout the entire instrument. I believe that David Sohn’s approach ensures that every Sohn mandolin is exceptional. This is a uniquely sophisticated instrument that will inspire and challenge its owner throughout a lifetime. Anyone in the market for a top of the line mandolin I would highly recommend a Sohn F5 mandolin.

David Pink

We talked for months. We chose the materials from David’s amazing stock. When work began on my Custom Florentine Mandolin not one step was taken without discussion. At the end of the process I had an incredible instrument. Big on the lows, clean and bright on the highs, and everything in between. A perfectly balanced instrument that just kept getting better. Dave Sohn cares, and that’s what makes the difference. When I’m ready I’ll be ordering my Resonator Guitar from David, I already know how good it will sound.

Colin Goldie

I was first introduced to David Sohn while I was jamming at a bluegrass festival. He was walking by with a prototype of his resonator guitar and asked if I’d like to try it. I said yes and strummed it once. My heart nearly stopped. I couldn’t believe how much volume and tone came out of it. I unfortunately had to go back to playing my old one. My birthday was coming up and my wife heard me talking about Dave’s awesome resonator, so for my present, we went to see him, picked out the wood, unique hardware and had it built.

I get comments all the time about how beautiful it looks and my picking buddies tell me how it just keeps opening up more and getting better in sound. Thanks Dave, for taking the time and care to build such a fantastic instrument!

Jack Kinakin

I received my Sohn flat-top guitar in December of 2005, much to my delight. David and I discussed at length what I preferred in a guitar and his workmanship and skill produced exactly what I had requested. The guitar is beautiful to look at, wonderful to play; producing a sound that is rich, commanding and true. Everyone who hears the music of the guitar immediately asks, “What kind of guitar is that”? My answer is to pass the guitar to them for their playing pleasure. Many songs later the guitar is returned to me with comments such as, “That is a beautiful instrument and the sound is great!” After only 3 years the sound keeps getting richer and better and the guitar is always a source of joy to play.

David Sohn is a luthier known for his fine craftsmanship on all of his custom-built instruments, which include mandolins, arch-top guitars, banjos and resophonic guitars. His work continues to gain a strong reputation far and wide and owners of Sohn Instruments are quick to express their satisfaction with the quality he builds into his instruments. I am a very satisfied customer of Sohn Instruments and will be pleased to discuss my guitar with you anytime.

George McKnight
Broadcaster & Emcee

I’ve been the owner of a Cherry Blossom model F5 mandolin since 2005. With this mandolin, Dave has nailed the vintage bluegrass sound – dry, crisp, strong midrange, clear trebles, and plenty of bite. I play in a six-piece band and I never have trouble being heard. This mandolin can really cut! Visually, I was looking for something that gave a nod to the classic instruments of the teens and twenties while also departing from the traditional sunburst. We decided to go with the black top and crimson back and sides used on many of the early F2/F4 instruments. Dave got it just right, while also giving it a modern edge. In the four years that I’ve owned this instrument, I encounter more and more people playing Dave’s mandolins. These instruments have a distinctly recognizable sound, which, in my opinion, is the hallmark of a highly skilled luthier. On top of all this, Dave was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend his instruments to professionals and enthusiastic amateurs alike.

Mark Vaughn