I offer my customers the option to personalize their Sohn instrument upon ordering. I find tonal quality and playability is a must in any instrument I create, however, having a unique personalized instrument is a special feature that some Sohn customers have taken advantage of.

Recently I had a customer ask to have a warrior inlaid on the the headstock. It was a a very unique job, but one I thoroughly enjoyed doing. Here are 3 pictures you can look at to see the intricate work. Small  Medium Large 

Here are customized options I can do for you:
  • Unique inlay designs
  • Choices of wood and binding
  • Inlaid ebony pickguards
  • Engraved signature on the truss rod cover or block inlay
  • Real mother of pearl buttons available on mandolin tuners

Click on the picture to view recent custom inlay work by Sohn

Custom Abalone Inlay For Mandolins, Banjos, Achtop and Resophonic Guitars
David Sohn - Luthier - Maker of fine hand-crafeted mandolins, banjos, resophonic and archtop guitars

As a banjo player myself, I take great pride in the 5-string banjos that I build. Many bluegrass banjo players look for that powerful and rich tone found in the banjos of the pre WW2 era. The tone rings and custom parts available enable me to create an instrument that will satisfy the needs of any professional player.

Ask us about options in tone rings, gold plating, and engraving.

Click here to view some photos of a custom Sohn top -tension "eagle-star" banjo.

On occasion, if the project intrigues me, I will build instruments other than mandolins, arch top guitars, banjos and resophonic guitars. Here is an example of a Mossrite replica loosely based on my customer's 1963 Mossrite Ventures model . He wanted a 'prettier' guitar with the feel of the original.

Click on the guitar for a larger view.

Custom Designed Mossrite Guitar Replica

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